I’m excited to be launching this website at the same time as the ProBlogger Training Event is being held in my home town of the Gold Coast.

More than 500 businesses, bloggers and social media gurus will be in attendance.

They will spend two days learning the ins and outs of blogging and find out why having a blog for their business is arguably one of the most cost-effective ways to promote it.

I attended last year’s event and it really was an eye opener. There was so much valuable information particularly in regards to how authentic and unique online website content can drive traffic to a businesses’ website.

This year I am also there, actually AS WE SPEAK I am probably frantically taking notes and networking.

The man the helm of ProBlogger is Darren Rowse, he’s a very smart and inspirational man and knows a lot of social media and blogging.


This year at the conference I plan to spend time finding out how businesses can use blogs to promote themselves. I’ll then share this information with YOU.

Before you go I thought I’d share 5 random facts about myself!

1.  When I lived in New York I walked up the Statue of Liberty and looked out her crown, you can’t do that anymore!

2. I’m left-handed.

3. As a journalist in New Zealand I interviewed the Prime Minister of the time, the late billionaire adventurer Steve Fossett and hundreds of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

4. One of my first jobs was at a movie theatre, I was paid $4.15 an hour and got a free movie each week!

5. I missed out on attending my university graduation ceremonies for my Degree in Media Studies and Communication AND my Diploma in Journalism because I was living overseas.

Rightio it’s your turn, please tell me one or two random facts about you?