Professional press releases

Knowing the way a newsroom works gives Write Styling the competitive edge in regards to the professional writing of press releases.

A journalist or editor is more likely to pick-up and publish a well-written media release if it leaves no questions unanswered, is newsworthy, is based on fact not opinion and NOT a hard sell.


Press releases crafted by Write Styling are:

  • Written by a journalist FOR a journalist.
  • Newsworthy, to the point and accurate.
  • Relevant to current events so more likely to be considered for publication.
  • Has attributed quotes and facts for increased credibility.
  • Professionally written with an attention-grabbing headline and punchy introduction.

“Write Styling knows how to make a product or service newsworthy”

While it’s tempting for business owners to write their own press releases it’s not something that I would suggest. Yes you are the person with the most knowledge on the product or service but you think like a business owner and not a journalist.

To ensure a press release captures the attention of a range of media outlets, Write Styling works WITH business owners to create a professional, impressive and carefully crafted article that will be read and considered by news organisations.

Top 4 events that warrant a professional press release:

  1. Your business has won a major industry award or accolade.
  2. When a new product or service is about to be released.
  3. Examples of how your business is helping the environment or local community.
  4. When your organisation or business reaches a certain milestone or birthday.

You never know your luck when submitting a media release, it might just be exactly what an editor is looking for to fill a gap on a slow news day – you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a shot!


Whether you’ve just snared an impressive award or been recognised as an industry leader get in touch with me and we’ll talk about the best way to promote your achievement.