Do you need a proof reader?

Have you written an assignment or brochure but are now not certain that it reads well or makes the point you want it to?

Maybe you’ve read your 50-page report over and over and all the words are starting to look the same and you just can’t be bothered reading it through anymore!

Never fear, Write Styling is here with a fresh set of eyes to proof read that important document for you!

It doesn’t matter what important body of text you are working on it usually pays to get someone with an eye for detail to proof read it for typos, spelling mistake, grammatical errors, duplications, ambiguities or inconsistencies.

What is an editing service?

Different from proof reading, Write Styling’s professional editing service offers clients help to improve and tighten up any style of written communication.

Write Styling editing services include:

  • Proofreading and rewriting sentences to improve structure and flow.
  • Rewriting of confusing or badly-worded sentences.
  • Removing any duplications or unnecessary repetition of non-relevant information.
  • Changing wording or style to have more of an impact.


Getting your worked checked by someone else is a smart way to ensure your lovingly written copy isn’t sent back marked with errors and your brochures don’t need to be sent back to the printers for a costly reprint!

Contact me to get a quote on editing or proofreading your book, submission, website  or grant application.