Don’t fall off your chair I’ve actually blogged again!

I’m just going to pretend that I’ve been listening to my own professional advice and been blogging twice a week.


The truth of the matter is I have been neglecting this blog and spending WAY too much time on my other one.


But things are about to change and I plan to blog TWICE a week and share some writing secrets, blog tidbits and whimsical tales of life.


To start with I’ll fill you in on what I’ve been up to:


1. I’m writing about two features a week for More Gold Coast – a fabulous website dedicated to showcasing the essence of the Gold Coast and the people who live there. Here’s some of my recent work:



The layout of these posts is quick tricky but I’m sure you’ll agree the results are stunning, the website has a great design team.


2. For the past three weeks I’ve interviewed nearly 10 children of WWI and WWII survivors for an Anzac Day feature that is running in the Gold Coast Sun Newspaper.


It was quite a privilege to listen to their words, most of them were in their late 70s and 80s. I have this one quote stuck in my head.




3. I’ve also just completed some funky and unique online content writing for a boutique builder here in the Gold Coast, once I have his permission I’ll show off my handy work.


Here’s a sneak peek in to the home page content…


“With 25-years experience, the company uses innovative design techniques and the latest in technology to renovate and build luxury homes with an emphasis on quality and elegance.”


4. What else, oh yes I’m still writing my weekly advertorials for various newspaper clients.


So that’s about it from me for now but I’ll be back sooner that you think, in the meantime let me know if there’s anything I can help you and your business with!



  • Bec @ Seeing the Lighter Side

    18.03.2015 at 08:07 Reply

    Looking forward to more posts! Are you taking requests for post topics?:)

    • Emily Toxward

      18.03.2015 at 08:17 Reply

      I sure am my friend! Hit me with your request! xx

  • Bec @ Seeing the Lighter Side

    18.03.2015 at 20:15 Reply

    Interviews – the legal stuff. I’m down with interviewing technique and prep but for media interviews what permissions do you need if any? Eg. You interview someone for a magazine article and use quote A. 6 months later you realize quote B would be fabulous for a blog post ur writing. .. Do you need to go back to the source?

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